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Guitars have been a part of my life forever. My dad is a guitarist, and ever since I was born in 1975 I have been surrounded by music and guitars. While running my own guitar store called Artisan Music Shop in the late ‘90s, I’d gotten interested in luthiery, and around the year 2000 I started making archtop guitars, followed by solidbody electric guitars some years later. In 2006 I closed down the shop, got a ‘real’ job and continued making and repairing guitars, and selling guitar parts on the side. Just kidding of course, about that ‘real’ job, but the reality is that it’s near impossible to make this a full-time profession.

VC Guitars

✉️     Jan Baptist Pittoorstraat 36

          2110 Wijnegem, Belgium

☎️     +32 478 25 50 31


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