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The Ruby model is the basis of our archtop line, and packs everything a handmade archtop should have. At the same time, as I’m making these one by one, there’s not really a ’standard’ model and the custom options are too numerous to list here. The guitar pictured to the right would be the most ‘standard’ model, with solid handcarved and hand graduated spruce top, solid handcarved flame maple back, solid flame maple sides, 3-piece flame maple neck, multi-line bindings on body, neck, headstock, fingerrest and f-holes, ebony headplate, fingerboard, bridge, fingerrest and tailpiece and a floating pickup with the controls mounted on the fingerrest. Some of the many options include burst or solid colour finishes, master grade woods, different styles of tuners, top mounted pickup, 16” or 18” body size, thinner body, custom neck shape and width, custom inlays…


Jade could be considered the stripped version of Ruby, as this has basically the same construction as the Ruby, but leaves out some of the fancy features, such as highly flamed woods, neck and headstock bindings and headstock inlay. Made from solid woods, with a floating pickup, this guitar is just as versatile as the Ruby model, but at a lower cost, a working musician’s guitar. As with Ruby, possible options include a top mounted pickup, 16” body size, thinner body, inlays, colour finishes…

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As the third model in the archtop line, Sapphire is the more ‘modern’ incarnation of the archtop, an evolution towards a more versatile guitar started years ago by James D’Aquisto when he moved away from the traditional guitars as made by his mentor, John D’Angelico. Larger soundholes, more responsive top and bracing and simpler appointments make for a more open and ‘natural’ sounding and looking guitar. The woods used for the body are the same traditional solid spruce and maple, the neck can be made from maple or a lighter wood species like cedar. 

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