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Pleiades, the story

Late 2017, we decided that the time had come to design a new original model electric guitar again. After all, the Stinger dated from the early years and in fact was the only solidbody guitar VC Guitars had ever created. 

From the outset, the idea was to have one body shape with many variants, sort of like the guitar world had been doing for a while with hybrid guitars (S-style bodies with T-style electronics, T-style body with JM-style setup and pickups, and so on), but to take that concept one step further. The different models will not just be variations in pickups and hardware on the same body, but will be completely different guitars, construction-wise.

The first plans were drawn, and then of course we had to think of a name for the new model. As Gerdje and I both have an interest in astronomy, we looked for inspiration in that area, and after some debate, we went for the Pleiades. Without going into too much detail here (Google is your friend), the story of the Pleiades stems from Greek mythology; the Pleiades are 7 sisters, the daughters of the Greek gods Atlas and Pleione, and a star cluster is named after them.

The first model in the Pleiades range is Maia, who is the eldest of the seven sisters; coincidentally, the model on which Maia is loosely based, is also one of the oldest solidbody electric guitars. Well, not exactly the oldest, but certainly the first widely commercially available solidbody electric guitar.

In total, the Pleiades range will consist of 7 basic models, and, being a small custom shop, we can of course offer a very wide range of options to create your dream guitar.

Curious what the other 6 models will be? Keep an eye on this page, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for hints about the next model…

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